Published Work

Selected Nonfiction

“Children in the Garden: On Life at a 3,100 Mile Race”

—  Longreads, January 2022

“Grateful to Witness”

—  Tracksmith, November 2021

“I Miss It All”

—  Longreads, July 2021

“Repetitive Stress”

—  Longreads, February 2021

“Out There: On Not Finishing”

—  Longreads, September 2020

“What I Want to Know of Kindness,”

—  Longreads, May 2020

“Running Dysmorphic,”

— Longreads, December 2019

“A Small Dislocation,”

— Poetry Northwest, August 2019

“Days of Judgment,”

— Popula, November 2018

“The Way You Talk to God Won’t Keep You Warm,”

— drDoctor, January 2018

“Running Towards My Father,”

— Lit Hub, June 2017

“Plie, Tendu, Degage: 3 Meditations on Dance,”

— FANZINE, April 2017

“Monuments and Memory: Working at Arlington Cemetery,”

— Catapult, April 2017

“At the Soo Locks,”

—  Split Lip, December 2016

“Full Count,”

— Profane, Issue 3, December 2016

“Notions of Comfort,”

—  Atticus Review, November 2016

“Train Fragments,”

— Full Stop, November 2016

“A History of Rivers,”

—  Full Stop, August 2016

“Elegy in the Present Tense,”

—  Full Stop Quarterly, June 2016

“What Breaks Never Heals,”

—  Mask Magazine, May 2016

“12 Steps,”

— FANZINE, April 2016

“Circle of 5ths,”

— Entropy, March 2016

“Love Innings,”

— Big Truths, November 2014

Selected Poems

“Tools of Ignorance,” “The Old Catcher Considers the Failing of His Knees,” “Wishing I Was Looking Down at Baseball Diamonds from an Airplane Window”

— Hobart, April 2021

“Self Care in the Land of Thousand Horses”

— HAD, December 2020

“The Monk Who Quit Smoking”

— On the Seawall, April 2020

“The Last Ballplayer Leaves the Field,” “After The Inning Ended, The Kids Gathered By The Fence, Arms Reaching Into The Night, Asking For A Game-Used Ball,” & “The Minor League Catcher Is an Amateur Physicist”

— Hobart, April 2020

“Considering a Future” & “The City that Never”

— Verdad, September 2019

“Deer on the Side of an American Highway”

— drDoctor, September 2019

“As Light”

— Redivider, January 2019

“Outside the Window the Whole World Is Humming”

— DIAGRAM, December 2018

“My Mother, the Day She Knows the Ones Who Died in the Shooting”

— Foundry, December 2018

“Sonnet for the Man Lingering in the Fields” & “Sonnet for My Father Looking at the World after His Mother Died”

— EcoTheo, March 2018

“Portrait of the Clumsy Learning How to Dance”

— Small Orange, October 2017

“Sometimes I’m in My Head So Long & When You Get Here It Feels Like a Disruption”

— TYPO, October 2017

“This, a Gospel”

— America, September 2017

“How to Drown”

— wildness, July 2017

“Elegy for the Long Drive” & “Enough”

— Breakwater Review, June 2017

“Look At What I’m Looking At”

— Prelude, May 2017

“My Mother Birthed My Brother Just Months Before Her Father Died,” “Poem With the Smell of Coffee Inside,” and “Statement for the End of Language”

— Gulf Stream, May 2017


— Split Lip, April 2017

“Why I Might Coach the Little League Team”

— Hobart, April 2016

“Reasons to Quit”

— BOAAT, July 2015


“All the Other Dogs Screaming,” & “The Groundskeeper,”

— Smokelong Quarterly, June 2018

“Pitch & Tar,”

— Front Porch, July 2016

“Cheering Sugar Up,”

— Literary Orphans, Issue 25, July 2016


— Third Point Press, Issue 4, May 2016


— Post Road 29, November 2015 (purchase here)

“Horizon Invisible,”

— Drunken Boat 22, August 2015

“Tender Waters,”

— Vol. 1 Brooklyn, July 2015

“Sugar Bears,”

— Gigantic Sequins, Issue 6.2, July 2015 (purchase here) (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)


— Appalachian Heritage, Spring 2015 (purchase here)

“Leaving Trout Run,”

— Armchair/Shotgun, Issue 5, March 2015 (purchase here)

“Growing Up,”

— Cleaver Magazine, June 2014

“Wood in Winter,”

— Dunes Review, Vol 18.1, April 2014 (purchase here)

“While the Fire Burns on Christmas Eve,”

— Columbia Journal, December 2013

“In Peoria (an Excerpt),”

— Columbia Journal, December 2013


A Good Leave (w/ George Sawaya), Bottlecap Press, 2017

This Cup of Absence (w/ Melissa Smyth), Anchor & Plume Press, April 2016 (out of print)


Eloisa AmezcuaFull Stop, May 2017

jayy doddEntropy, January 2017

Leland CheukThe Millions, January 2017

Joe Halstead, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, January 2017

Keegan Lester, Full Stop, December 2016

Ruth Curry, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, May 2016

Chris Martin, Full Stop, November 2015

Laurie FoosFull Stop, August 2015

Quintan Ana WikswoWarscapes, July 2015

Cynan Jones, Full Stop, March 2015

John Dermot Woods, Full Stop, January 2015

David Connerley Nahm, LUMINA, August 2014

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