Published Work


In This Quiet Church of Night, I Say Amen, Civil Coping Mechanisms2017

Blood on Blood, Unknown Press, 2016


A Good Leave (w/ George Sawaya), Bottlecap Press, 2017

This Cup of Absence (w/ Melissa Smyth), Anchor & Plume Press, April 2016 (out of print)


“The Way You Talk to God Won’t Keep You Warm,” drDoctor, January 2018

“The Reaping of the Ice,” Entropy, September 2017

“Meditations on NYC in the Second Person,” Funhouse, June 2017

“I Am Waiting for My Father in Infinity,” Mask Magazine, June 2017

“Running Towards My Father,”  Lit Hub, June 2017

“Plie, Tendu, Degage: 3 Meditations on Dance,” FANZINE, April 2017

“Monuments and Memory: Working at Arlington Cemetery,” Catapult, April 2017

“Broken Glass: Fragments on Addiction,” Vol. 1 Brooklyn, March 2017

“At the Soo Locks,” Split Lip, December 2016

“Full Count,” Profane, Issue 3, December 2016

“Notions of Comfort,”  Atticus Review, November 2016

“Train Fragments,” Full Stop, November 2016

“A History of Rivers,” Full Stop, August 2016

“Mavericks,” Reservoir, August 2016

“Elegy in the Present Tense,” Full Stop Quarterly, June 2016

“What Breaks Never Heals,” Mask Magazine, May 2016

“The Dictionary of Pliant Words,” Entropy, May 2016

“12 Steps,” FANZINE, April 2016

“Circle of 5ths,” Entropy, March 2016

“What Could’ve Happened: On Thought in Fiction,” Vol. 1 Brooklyn, March 2016

“When Even the Living Are Lost,” Warscapes, March 2015

“Love Innings,” Big Truths, November 2014 (nominated for a Pushcart Prize & Best of the Net)

“Do Not Tell Me This Is Not Beautiful: On the Collaborative Art of Words and Images,” The Millions, October 2014

“This Year of My Loving,” Medium: Human Parts, September 2014

“Truth-Seeking: On the Art of Finding Truth in Fiction,” Passages North, Writers-on-Writing #81, June 2014


“As Light,” forthcoming in Redivider

“Outside the Window the Whole World Is Humming,” forthcoming in DIAGRAM

“Tell Me Today Is the Day to Believe in Something,” forthcoming in Rascal

“Here I Am Trying to Be Distance” & “If It’s Not Tenderness I Want,” Pidgeonholes, June 2018

“Good Morning, I Too Am Learning Something New Today,” Pidgeonholes, May 2018

“Two Poems,” Hobart, April 2018

“Sonnet for the Man Lingering in the Fields” & “Sonnet for My Father Looking at the World after His Mother Died,” EcoTheo, March 2018

“Imagine this imagine that,” Cotton Xenomorph, March 2018

“Running from House to Yard & Back,”  Glass, November 2017

“Daily Life,” Glass, October 2017

“Portrait of the Clumsy Learning How to Dance,” Small Orange, October 2017

“Sometimes I’m in My Head So Long & When You Get Here It Feels Like a Disruption,” TYPO, October 2017

“This, a Gospel,” America, September 2017

“After Leaving the Funeral of My Friend’s Father, I Don’t Know How to Deal with the Sound of Us Crying,” b(OINK), September 2017

“Fishing After Dark,” Public Pool, August 2017

“How to Drown,” wildness, July 2017

“Caulking the Wagon” & “When My Father Told Me How He Wanted To Be Buried,” FLAPPERHOUSE, June 2017

“Elegy for the Long Drive” & “Enough,” Breakwater Review, June 2017

“Self Prayer,” Breadcrumbs Magazine, June 2017

“Look At What I’m Looking At,” Prelude, May 2017

“My Mother Birthed My Brother Just Months Before Her Father Died,” “Poem With the Smell of Coffee Inside,” and “Statement for the End of Language,” Gulf Stream, May 2017

“When One Morning I Woke Up Missing Joey Caruso, the Best Secondbaseman I Ever Played With. I Couldn’t Shake It Off, This Missing. So I Wrote This Poem,” Hobart, April 2017

“Snare,” Split Lip, April 2017

“New Interpretations of Faith,” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, March 2017

“Under the AA Meeting,” “Fractions,” & “On the Staten Island Ferry with Your Brother,” Ghost City Review, February 2017

“Teaching in the Morning After,” Entropy, November 2016

“Nebraska,” The Nervous Breakdown, November 2016

“Aubade for a Nebraska Morning” & “Aubade for a Nebraska Night,” Public Pool, September 2016

“The Dance at Bougival” & “In the Cemetery” Noble/Gas Quarterly, September 2016

“Poem from Inside the Piano a Little Boy Plays” & “Mansion on the Hill,”  The Grief Diaries, Vol. 2 Issue 2, August 2016

“My Father’s House” ELKE Journal, July 2016

“Middle America” & “At the End of Every Hard-Earned Day,” El Balazo Press, July 2016

“Franky Drives the Trans-Canada Highway & Stops at a Diner,” & “My Father & I at a Denny’s in Lansing,” Ohio Edit, July 2016

“After Lincoln, Nebraska” & “Litany of What We Killed,” FLAPPERHOUSE, Vol 10, June 2016

“So Yes, Love is a Little Like a Tree,” Breadcrumbs Magazine, May 2016

“God Is Sitting Down Somewhere,” “Little Hum,” & “If I Die, My Soul Will Find You,” Yes, Poetry, May 2016

“Why I Might Coach the Little League Team,” Hobart, April 2016

“Shenandoah” & “Lullaby,” The Boiler Journal, April 2016

“Yesterday While I Was Teaching I Nearly Cried,” “If It Is Raining There,” & “While Spooning the Beast,” Luna Luna Magazine, January 2016

“Un-doing” & “Hard Boiled,” By & By Poetry, Issue 2, January 2016

“Phantom Itch,” Chronogram, November 2015

“Magic Hour, Bronx, 7 PM,” & “Poem for a Child Running Away from Home,” Potluck, October 2015

“Some Kind of Kindness, Now” 491 Magazine, Issue 11, September 2015

“Sugar Hill” & “Hudson,” Maudlin House, Issue 13, September 2015

“What a body can do for another,” CCM-Entropy, July 2015

“Shell of Light,” Lament for the Dead, July 2015

“Reasons to Quit,” BOAAT, July 2015

“My Mother at Restaurants,” Forklift, Ohio, Issue 29/30, April 2015 (purchase here)

“After Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania,” & “One Day, This Night,” The Adirondack Review, March 2015

“The Trouble With Loving a Wild Thing,” District Lit, January 2015 (nominated for Best of the Net)

“Bill’s BBQ – CLOSED,” Midwestern Gothic, Issue 16, January 2015 (purchase here)

“Funeral Train” & “These Three Deer,” Underwater New York, November 2014

“Fear Of,”  RATTLE, October 2014

“finger boating” & “After the Ice Cream,” apt, October 2014

“My Winter Father” & “Image Map of the City After Your Leaving,” Kindred Magazine, Issue 8: Gather, October 2014 (purchase here)

“To the Cop that Pulled My Father Over in 2008,” “The Shirt,” & “The First Dream of Kyoto,” Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2014 (purchase here)

“Last Night George and I Stood Outside,” Lines + Stars, Issue 18: Amulets, July 2014

“In All Things (a pecha kucha for my unborn son),” Steel Toe Review, #19, April 2014


“All the Other Dogs Screaming,” & “The Groundskeeper,” Smokelong Quarterly, June 2018

“Pitch & Tar,” Front Porch, July 2016

“Cheering Sugar Up,” Literary Orphans, Issue 25, July 2016

“Heartbreaker,” Third Point Press, Issue 4, May 2016

“Greyhounds,” Post Road 29, November 2015 (purchase here)

“Horizon Invisible,” Drunken Boat 22, August 2015

“Tender Waters,” Vol. 1 Brooklyn, July 2015

“Sugar Bears,” Gigantic Sequins, Issue 6.2, July 2015 (purchase here) (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Canebrakes,” Appalachian Heritage, Spring 2015 (purchase here)

“Leaving Trout Run,” Armchair/Shotgun, Issue 5, March 2015 (purchase here)

“Growing Up,” Cleaver Magazine, June 2014

“Wood in Winter,” Dunes Review, Vol 18.1, April 2014 (purchase here)

“While the Fire Burns on Christmas Eve,” Columbia Journal, December 2013

“In Peoria (an Excerpt),” Columbia Journal, December 2013




Eloisa AmezcuaFull Stop, May 2017

jayy doddEntropy, January 2017

Leland CheukThe Millions, January 2017

Joe Halstead, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, January 2017

Keegan Lester, Full Stop, December 2016

Ruth Curry, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, May 2016

Chris Martin, Full Stop, November 2015

Laurie FoosFull Stop, August 2015

Quintan Ana WikswoWarscapes, July 2015

Cynan Jones, Full Stop, March 2015

John Dermot Woods, Full Stop, January 2015

David Connerley Nahm, LUMINA, August 2014


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